Shoreline Sober Living, San Diego, CA

“Yes, there is a substitute and it is vastly more than that. It is a fellowship in Alcoholics Anonymous. There you will find release from care, boredom and worry. Your imagination will be fired. Life will mean something at last. The most satisfactory years of your existence lie ahead. Thus we find the fellowship, and so will you.” – Alcoholics Anonymous pg. 152

In addition to AA meetings and step work, fellowship is an important part of recovery. One of the many challenges faced by those getting clean and sober is learning how to experience fun without drugs or alcohol.  Would there be any point in staying clean and sober if our lives are not improved as a result?  At Shoreline Sober Living in sunny San Diego, we realize how important having fun in sobriety is while on the path to recovering our lives.  Together, our sober living residents engage in camping retreats, skiing, beach barbecues, go-cart racing, and other fun sober activities.

Our most recent trip was to the bowling alley to see if there were any king pins in the house….!!! This outing was a wonderful experience for all of our recovery house residents. We plan to do again in the near future, especially considering some of the hidden bowling talents some of our sober living residents had!!  The camaraderie built while doing fun sober activities like these is an experience our residents must not miss.  While Shoreline Sober Living is within blocks of the beach, there are also other ways to have fun in San Diego.  Here’s to a bright and fun future ahead of us, learning to enjoy life in an entirely new way, clean and sober in Southern California.

Mike Gallagher

Shoreline Sober Living House Manager