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San Diego, California

What we do

Shoreline Sober Living provides structure in a safe sober living environment for men in recovery from drugs and alcohol.

With San Diego becoming one of the country’s most successful locations to begin your journey of recovery, it is the perfect place to find your sober living home. No matter what your situation is whether you are a drug addict, alcoholic or prescription addict, we are sure we have the perfect lifestyle on offer to help you begin your newly found sobriety. To also live your life to the full, along with the opportunity to make friends who are going through similar experiences and can help you along the way. Making it what we believe as San Diego’s top-rated sober living facility.

Sober living San Diego

What our Sober Living homes offer

At sober living San Diego we believe that going through recovery is hard enough and it can become even harder when you’re going through it alone which is why, here at shoreline sober living we offer housing accommodation for you to live with other recovering drug addicts/ alcoholics so you can share stories, support each other and to help support each other to continue the treatment. Our San Diego sober living houses are all within walking distances to a gym, basketball court, skate park, restaurants and many opportunities to work.

Our sober living house managers work alongside clients, parents, spouses and professionals to facilitate change necessary for lasting recovery.
Our comprehensive sober living program includes:

  • Life skills development (cooking, cleaning, etc)
  • Transitional living planning
  • Reviewing and resolving personal credit issues
  • Weekly Family communication
  • Daily schedule reviews and time management support
  • Communication skills development
  • Organizational skills development
  • 24 hour support and mentoring
  • Bi weekly drug testing, nightly breathalyzing
  • Access to outpatient therapy/ psychiatry/ family therapy
  • Zero tolerance (creates a positive culture of recovery)
  • Budgeting (budget meetings, utilization of budgeting software tools)
  • Coordination of medical, dental, therapy and psychiatric services
  • Career development: job search, resume building, cover letter
  • Financial responsibility tasks such as taxes, ID, insurance, govt. assistance, disability


The whole point of Sober living in San Diego is to renew your connection with day to day life without the use of drugs or alcohol, and we can help you achieve this by creating activities for you to do throughout your stay with us. These include activities such as meditation, working out/ exercising, community involvement and more. This has been proven to help improve gratitude, create healthy self-discipline and grow your positive attributes as a human being all whilst helping you integrate yourself in San Diego’s top recovery community.

What San Diego Offers

One of the reasons why you should San Diego sober living is for the fact that there are lots of fun and exciting things to do in San Diego. The reason for this is that when continuing your sobriety you need to completely change your lifestyle and adapt to your surroundings through the eyes of a sober individual. Some of these activities include visiting the San Diego zoo where you can meet some of the world’s most exotic animals, San Diego’s natural history museum, the USS midway aircraft carrier tour where you can visit the world’s biggest war vessels along with the aircraft’s on board. Making your stay at Shoreline Sober Living in San Diego as enjoyable as possible.


Shoreline helped my nephew mature and become the successful man he is today. The staff was helpful and communication with the family was excellent!


Before I came to Shoreline I tried every which way to get clean, and failed. Their system works and I highly recommend it to anyone struggling with addiction.


Shoreline does it the right way by helping clients build the habits and routines that they will carry out into the world. There is also a great connection and community in the home...


I view my time at Shoreline as one of the most valuable and enjoyable experiences of my life. If you want real change, this is the place to find it.


Shoreline taught me how to take responsibility for my actions and remain accountable to my fellows. In essence, it taught me how to be a man; a man in recovery.


They helped me tackle the long standing problems my drug addiction caused. Issues with old behavior, finances, relationships... all were addressed with the help of peer accountability and mentorship.



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