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Sober Living Houses

Sober living homes (or sober homes) are interim housing facilities used by people who need safe and supportive places whilst recovering from substance abuse. Sober homes provide a drug and alcohol free environment home for individuals who have left rehabilitation. This may also is the case for anyone needing a recovery center and looking to return to mainstream society.

In some cases residents may come straight out sober living homes without prior experience of rehabilitation. A sober living home will require residents to adhere to a drug and alcohol free regime and they may ask you to potentially sign a contract. This signature gives them the ability to be able to take random drug and alcohol tests throughout the course of your residency. If these are administered and you do fail, you may not be allowed to continue the program, however this is something you will need to consult with the company beforehand or during your stay. During your stay you will most probably be expected to participate in recovery and support meetings.

What If I Have A Job?

Most sober living residencies allow you to continue any line of work or college that you are currently undertaking. As a result, this means that they may be willing to amend their program around what you can fit in. However, for confirmation, please confirm with the company themselves. Being able to continue your college course or work allows you to continue having the normality of life, whilst also receiving the help you need.

What is the Success Rate?

Finding a sober living home with a good success rate is essential as you will want you or your loved one to be supported with the utmost care possible. However, the standards across the industry lack from home to home, therefore before signing up to another company; we strongly urge that you do your research beforehand. This can potentially be a long and tiresome process depending on the extent you’re wanting to look up. To name a few of the essentials you will want to look out for the following when assessing a sober living home:

  • Customer reviews and their associated ratings
  • Verify their certifications/accreditations listed on their website
  • Find photos and/or videos of the residency beforehand
  • Ask for a tour or brief viewing of the property before going ahead
  • Understand the terms and conditions of the agreement

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Sober living homes have been shown to improve the chances of recovery. This type of housing helps residents to go back into daily life and give help and guidance with job seeking, forming relationships again with peers and family whilst abstaining from drugs and alcohol.