Shoreline Sober Living, San Diego, CA
Sober living

“A new life has been given us or, if you prefer, ‘a design for living’ that really works.”


At Shoreline Sober Living, this quote from the “Big Book” of Alcoholics Anonymous embodies our main purpose as a sober living home. San Diego, and especially North County San Diego, has many sober living homes to choose from. What makes Shoreline Sober Living so special is our dedication to the spiritual principles and the “design for living” laid out in the Big Book of AA. A commitment to our schedule, which includes morning meditation, Twelve Step meetings, Step Study, and community fellowship are crucial to the success of our residents. The willingness, humility, and honesty that is shared and encouraged by the staff here at Shoreline Sober Living is truly inspirational in helping men recover from their addictions.

It has been our experience that our residents benefit from the balanced lifestyle and structure that we facilitate in our home. Our Sober Living home and our residents are very serious about their recovery. Spirituality, health, and being of service to others are instilled to the newcomer so that someday he may do the same for someone else. One of our residents, who has been with us since we opened, recently took a 1 year token. He now has two jobs, is a featured speaker at large 12 step meetings, and has healthy, authentic relationships with his friends and family (especially his very happy and supportive Mom.) It brought us such joy to be a part of this celebration. He was once a desperate heroin addict who was hopeless and could not stay clean or out of trouble. Now, with the power of God in his life, he is a shining example of the miracles we see in recovery. These men, who were once very hopeless, are living life sober with a new hope and zest for life that is truly miraculous.

If you’re interested in living life sober in a beautiful upscale home that’s just a short walk from the beach in North County San Diego, please contact us by phone at (858) 900-5079 or email us We would love to meet with you and share our experience, strength, and hope.

Stay tuned for more blog posts that provide advice and inspiration for sober living, updates on our North County San Diego sober living home, and much more!


Robert W