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Teetotalism Trending among Gen Z

Gen Z – The Generation Of Sobriety?

Historically, young adults and alcohol have always intertwined together as easily as coffee and cream. No matter whether they were going on a group outing, daytime picnic or a party, alcohol had always been a staple in American social events. However, times are changing; millennials and Gen Z are beginning to abstain from alcohol more than any generation has before. Teetotalism is one of the leading trends among Gen Z. 

A study by researchers from the University of Michigan and Texas State university exhibited that between 2002 and 2018, the number of young adults aged 18 – 22 within America who had abstained entirely from alcohol had increased from 20% to 28% for individuals who were in college. The stats had risen from  24% to 30% for individuals who were no longer in school. 

Social media and alcoholism 

Social media can be an extremely powerful tool that has been known to help combat the stigma of addiction and promoted prevention amount our younger generation of adults, otherwise known as Gen Z.

Social media is full of impactful visuals, news, advertisements, and more. Young individuals can read up on the health issues associated with drinking; they can visually see the awful states people can get into if they become addicted to alcohol.

There seems to be three main reasons why Gen Z is abstaining from alcohol, partially due to social media. The first reason is your persona and presence on social media.

Social Media Pressure:

Social media and alcohol have become very intertwined over the year. The pressure of social media will encourage Gen Z to take care of their bodies and be aware of the substances they are putting inside. We are very knowledgeable that once an image or video goes onto social media, it can quickly be circulated to thousands, if not millions of people. You can lose your job, friends, family, and more if a piece of content goes out where you are not in your best state.

There has often been heavy backlash splashed across the media against heavier drinking of the previous generations. With a more significant health awareness and health consciousness, Gen Z is changing the social norms.

The health issues associated:

The accessibility to research into the ramifications alcohol does to your body is very easy to get hold of. Generation Z is known to be consumed, but social media, these individuals are bombarded with how alcohol and drugs can affect their bodies and have handed the reverse effect of alcohol being “cool.”

There are now Facebook groups, podcasts, chat room meetings that allow individuals of all ages to fully understand what works for their body and what will destroy their body. We should continue to use social media positively as a powerful tool to combat all the negative stigmas around alcoholism and promote prevention among our Gen Z individuals.

Rise of new technologies:

With new technologies constantly on the rise, there is more out there to divert young adults’ attention other than drinking. There is a cheaper alternative that young people now enjoy, leading to a downfall in alcohol consumption.

The butterfly effect 

In the long term, this new trend that Gen Z has started will eventually evolve into the demise of alcohol in general. This will result in a surge in major events that are controlled by alcohol-free beverages.

The alcohol-free category is growing at an exponential rate, and this trend is no only expected to stay, but to completely revolutionize the way we socialize with each other, creating a huge opportunity for innovation.

What are the health benefits of teetotalism?

Reducing or outright stopping the amount of alcohol you consume will significantly lower the risk of serious diseases such as liver disease, various cancers, and strokes. Your overall health will improve throughout your physical appearance and mental health. Further benefits will include:

  • You will save a lot of money
  • Your body and mind will be healthier by default
  • You will lose weight and feel more alive
  • Your sleep could improve
  • You can have a good time without having to drink
  • Your skin will look youthful
  • You reduce the overall risk of becoming ill, whether from the common cold or a terminal illness. Your immune system will be stronger and able to fight more to keep you healthy.

Teetotalism from alcohol will not stop you from becoming ill.

Our final thoughts on teetotalism trending among gen z

There are a variety of answers; each individual will have their reason, but there seems to be a correlation between having a presence on social media and learning about the long term health benefits that drinking can have on the body, which result in the younger generation wanting to take care of themselves from the inside out actively.

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