Shoreline Sober Living, San Diego, CA

Sober Living San Diego Meditation Group

“We conclude the period of meditation with a prayer that we be shown all through the day what our next step is to be, that we be given whatever we need to take care of such problems.  We ask especially for freedom from self-will, and are careful to make no request for ourselves only.  We may ask for ourselves, however, if others will be helped.  We are careful never to pray for our own selfish ends. Many of have wasted a lot of time doing that and it doesn’t work.  You can easily see why.”

Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous, pg 87, Step 11

As our sober living residents at Shoreline Sober Living San Diego continue their journey in recovery we encourage them to take part in one of the many functions our house participates in.  Recently, some friends of our sober living home came by to put on a group meditation.  Most of our residents do not get immediately excited when you offer them an opportunity to participate in a group meditation.  In fact most of our recovery house residents will likely tell you that “they can’t meditate” or “they’re minds are too active,” to do something like meditation.  We will be the first to let them know that we too felt that way at one time. We assure them that if they are willing to practice this restorative art, they too will reap the amazing benefits it can offer.  Although meditation is difficult at first we believe it is an essential part of recovery for any sober member of Alcoholics Anonymous.  Our residents will be introduced to the basics of building a daily meditation practice through group meditation sessions at our San Diego sober living home and by their attendance each week at 12 step meetings where a short meditation occurs at the beginning of each meeting.  For many in recovery who practice meditation it becomes an opportunity to transcend ones selfishness and to be brought into the present moment. Most alcoholics and addicts will spend most of each day in their own mind either regretting things that happened in the past or anxious about the future.  Meditation and the practice of working the 12 steps are tools to cleanse the mind and soul and when done often, thoroughly and honestly, will help any addict to experience the sense of relief they once only sought through drinking and using drugs.  We are firm believers that our sober living San Diego residents must be shown a way to experience the same sense of “ease and comfort” while sober, that in the past they could only experience with drugs and alcohol. Recovery from the sickness and bondage of the alcoholic mind must happen if any alcoholic is to experience long-term recovery. For those that are willing to do the work, recovery is possible.

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