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Matt enjoy Sobriety in San Diego

Today we want to recognize one of our outstanding residents at Shoreline Sober Living San Diego.  We are honored to have the opportunity to share Matts 9 month sober celebration and the new way of living he has found through the 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous.  Matt arrived at our California Sober Living Home after making the journey from New Jersey to California for primary impatient treatment at Casa Palmera Treatment Center.  Matt had no intention of staying in San Diego following his 30 day inpatient treatment but thanks to an excellent staff at Casa Palmera Treatment Center and two very loving and educated family members, was urged to continue his sober journey in a California Sober Living home.  We feel blessed that Matt chose Shoreline Sober Living San Diego.   Matt tells us today that upon entering treatment his plan was to “take a 30 day vacation from prescription drugs then go back to New Jersey, try to stay off drugs but continue to drink.”  The delusion that Matt would have the ability to stay off drugs but “drink like a gentlemen” is one that is more common among young drug addicts now than ever.  With the proliferation of heroin and prescription medication addiction, many of the young men entering recovery homes and sober living environments have much difficulty understanding that abstinence from alcohol and marijuana is an essential part of their recovery.  What proved to be pertinent to Matt’s personal recovery was helping him to find a sponsor and support group in and outside our recovery home that consisted of recovered addicts that had experienced having the same reservations about total abstinence.   For this reason, at Shoreline Sober Living San Diego, we give special attention to helping our residents find sponsors that are not only strong in their message of recovery but that they have had experience with helping others to overcome the reservations many of these young addicts struggle with.

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            The aspect of Matt’s recovery that touches our hearts the most is the commitment that he has made to this journey and the sacrifices that he has made by entering Sober Living in California as opposed to heading back to New Jersey to be with his 2 year old son.  Although Matt has made several trips back to the East Coast to be with family, he has made a commitment to stay in our California Sober Living home for 1 year.  In Matt’s first 6 months of sober living he dedicated himself to working the 12 steps in Alcoholics Anonymous, becoming integrated to the community’s fellowship and setting an example for the newest members of our sober living home.  The second half of Matts one year stay have been so far dedicated to becoming a regular speaker at his old treatment center, sponsoring other young men in Alcoholics Anonymous and using this opportunity to share his experience, strength and hope as a recovered alcoholic and addict with the community that gave him and his family an opportunity to live life happy, joyous and free from addiction.  Matt knows today that when he arrives home in several months to be with his family, that he will have taken absolutely every step necessary to not only be able to give 100% to raising his young son but to carry the message in Alcoholics Anonymous that he experienced here.   He will be the first to tell you that choosing to stay in sober living for this length of time is one of the best decisions he has ever made.  We feel blessed that Matt chose Shoreline Sober Living San Diego as the place where he would fulfill this journey.  Thank you Matt!

If you or your loved one are currently considering Sober Living in California or a Recovery home in San Diego we hope that you will reach out to us and take the opportunity to experience the freedom from addiction we have found.  Please call us at 858.766.1922.

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