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WOW! These gentlemen can cook!

For those of us that have had the opportunity to spend any time in a 12 step or recovery support group of any kind we’ll often hear people say “We work together, or we’ll die alone.” Although this may seem quite extreme, for the heroin addict who puts his life on the line each time uses or the chronic alcoholic who drinks and drives, or one that has a failing liver, this is reality.

Most people would agree that sharing a genuine connection and building relationships with others with similar interests is one of the fundamental building blocks of living a happy healthy life. This is one of the primary reasons homes like Shoreline Sober Living in San Diego and By the Sea Recovery San Diego exist.

For those of us who were blessed with the opportunity to serve in the recovery field and especially those who help at recovery homes and sober livings, we do so as a result of an overwhelming desire to pass along the experience that was given to us. Each of us had a person our group of people with whom we become comfortable, allowed ourselves to experience vulnerability and developed trust and love for. These are essential elements of a recovered way of life and we strive to give this gift to the gentlemen at our recovery home everyday.

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Recently, in North County, San Diego the guys from Shoreline Sober Living and the fine gentlemen from By The Sea Recovery came together for a recovery pot luck feast. I think anyone that attended would agree it exceeded all expectations! Many sober living homes and recovery houses don’t often bring their residents together, however we feel that there is great value in the togetherness of the young sober community. Together with By the Sea Recovery we have done snowboarding trips, BBQ’s, Beach Volleyball, Paintball and shared many other special occasions and events.

Sober living has become more and more widely accepted as a significant contributor towards the recovery to those struggling with substance abuse. However, not all sober living homes are created equally. Whether or not you feel that our recovery house is right for you, we would be happy to chat with you and help you find exactly what you are looking for.  Please reach our San Diego location @ 858-900-5079.

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