Shoreline Sober Living, San Diego, CA

Sober Living in San Diego shouldn’t be a drag!  If your sober living home isn’t helping you to truly enjoy your newfound recovery, you may be in the wrong recovery home!

Although our primary focus is to help these newly recovering men become comfortable in the sober community, make progress through the 12 steps and grow through love and tolerance for one another, we absolutely insist that recovery is a blast!

Last weekend the Shoreline Sober Living men and some of our sober brothers made a trek to Velocity Paintball in Ramona for an all day paintball trip!  Thank you to those of you in our sober community that joined us for this good, clean, sober fun!  All of our sober home residents agree that this was the most exciting event we have done this year, although our annual snowboarding trip is a close second place!

Our sober living caravan arrived at Velocity Paintball at about 9:30 and this place was crowded!  After every sober living resident filled out paperwork and rented guns we were ready to break into teams.  Naturally, our in house ex college football stud, Zach, who just celebrated 1 year of continuous sobriety, was the first pick!  We had 14 sober players for our match thanks to a couple guys that decided to join us from another Encinitas sober home.  Our all day battle lasted until 4 pm and we fired over 10,000 paintballs!  With only several minor injuries (cuts and scrapes) we made the journey back to the coast where our sober home is located.  Many of our residents spent the rest of the day at the beach in Encinitas where each Saturday an AA meeting is held on the sand.

At Shoreline Sober Living we have men of all ages that come from many different walks of life.  The common bond that we share strengthens our relationships in ways most of don’t experience before we begin our recovery journey.  We have found freedom in recovery and have finally discovered a haven where the bondage of our addiction can be broken.  Recovery is available to all who seek it honestly and diligently.

If you have been considering sober living as an opportunity to further your journey in recovery, we encourage you to give us a call.  (858) 900-5079

Check back for an update on our 1 year sober party for Zach and 2 year party for Sean!


Shoreline Sober Living