Shoreline Sober Living, San Diego, CA

Round 2! This past weekend we made our second sober living house trip to Velocity Paintball. Thanks to the beautiful year round weather here in San Diego, CA we get to do trips like these year round. What we stress at Shoreline Sober Living San Diego is that the sober life isn’t supposed to be a drag. What we know for sure is this: if living sober doesn’t become enjoyable at some point…if life still continues to beat you down….depression and anxiety don’t leave….if these problems aren’t overcome while sober…each one of us, at a certain point will go back to drinking or using drugs. This is exactly why our residents have made the difficult decision to enter sober living. Most of our sober living residents arrive after completing 30 days of primary drug and alcohol treatment. Many of them have been to treatment before, some many times. Most treatment professionals will encourage sober living for their clients as they understand the gravity of the challenge that lies ahead for the alcoholic or addict in early sobriety. One of the most important aspects to any addicts recovery will depend on the extent to which they become a part a community of sobriety that exists around them. Addiction is a disease of loneliness and addicts are incredibly fearful. We want more than anything to be “a part of” but often are too afraid to be able to put ourselves “out there” in the way necessary to grow a healthy sober social circle. Sober Living helps the newly sober addict/alcoholic to bridge this gap. A strong sober living home will ask for strict adherence to the communities guidelines, maintain a zero tolerance policy on relapse and communicate with their sober living residents with love and respect at all times. These are some of our core principals at Shoreline Sober Living San Diego.

Shoreline Sober Living San Diego is a community of men working together daily to achieve what we weren’t able to do on our own. Many of us have tried to “do recovery” on our own terms and found that often the results were unfavorable.  Our sober house residents maintain a brotherhood that supports continued growth and fellowship and extends beyond our residents stay with us.

If you or a loved one is in need of the additional support that our sober living environment can offer please reach us @ 858-900-5079.

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