Shoreline Sober Living, San Diego, CA

“We, in turn, sought the same escape with all the desperation of drowning men. What seemed at first a flimsy reed, has proved to be the loving and powerful hand of God.  A new life has been given us or, if you prefer, “a design for living” that really works.” There Is a Solution, Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous

This may seem like a far cry from where many of our San Diego sober living residents feel that they are when the begin their journey into newfound sobriety. Most of us too started with varying degrees of aversion to the concept of God or even a higher power.  Here in lies the beauty of what the 12 step process has to offer for those in our sober living home that are beginning this journey as they leave their addiction behind.   We feel that there is no requirement for anyone to have any specific belief in order for them to experience a monumental shift in the way they think and act, as a result of thoroughly working the 12 steps of alcoholic’s anonymous/narcotics anonymous.  In our experience those who do not recover are those that are unwilling to become honest.

The big book of Alcoholics Anonymous goes on to say, “We have no desire to convince anyone that there is only one way in which faith can be acquired.”  Some of our San Diego sober house residents may ultimately build a relationship with a power they call God, while others will refer to this as The Spirit of the Universe, Power of Life, Spiritual Consciousness, Higher Power or one of many hundreds of ways of referring to this power.  Undoubtedly the realization that each one of our sober living residents will have for sure, is that THEY are not the center of the universe.  The selfishness that drives the active alcoholic/addict will surely fall away as they begin to see themselves as a part of a sober living brotherhood of those in recovery and their community at large.  The residents at Shoreline Sober Living San Diego are committed to transforming their lives through working an active program of recovery, attending daily meetings, working part time or attending an intensive outpatient program and meeting their sponsors weekly.  Amidst demanding that recovery is fun and that our sober living residents are enjoying sobriety we maintain the highest level of accountability.

Our San Diego Sober Living home is within walking distance of the meetings, the beach, gym and places where our house residents work.  If you or someone that you care about is considering a sober living home in San Diego we hope to speak with you soon.

Robert Wilson

Shoreline Sober Living San Diego