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Parents of Addicted Children

Parents of Addicted Children

The fact that you are reading this must mean that there is a good chance you are seeking help for your addicted child. The most important thing right now is to remember that you’ve taken a big step to help your son/ daughter with what they’re going through right now and that you must not keep any pride or guilt you may be feeling, this is because it is common among parents of addicts to feel as if they are the sole reason as to why their child is going through this hard time. It is also important to remember that there is nothing to be embarrassed about as it is the same as taking your child to see a doctor when he/she is ill. Below are some tips on what you can do for your addicted son or daughter.

Strengthen the relationship

One of the key addiction symptoms is low self-esteem. A great way to combat this is by allowing the individual to open to someone to express their feelings rather than keeping them hidden away. One of the keys aims of this is to strengthen and build upon the existing relationship.

A way of doing this is by focusing on the communication between the person and the people who is closest to him/her. This requires a good balance between asking questions and taking a genuine interest in the individual’s life to stimulate a productive conversation. It is also important to show understanding and acceptance to whatever the addict may say. This is so the relationship can become completely non-judgmental and grow.

Encourage positive behaviors and treatment

For the individual to regain confidence in their mind and body without the use of drugs and/ or alcohol, it is important to not focus on poor decision making and mistakes of your child. Failure to do this will affect the self esteem on the person. A way to help increase positive behavior is for the addict to engage in new hobbies and activities with the people closest to them. This will help build stronger relationships and help the person embrace new lifestyles in their life.

Set clear boundaries

When we say set clear boundaries, what we mean is that you should set clear rules for yourself on what things you will tolerate and will not tolerate. This is to make it clear to the person how you will treat them and how you expect to be treated. It is very common for addicts to manipulate the people they love the most, so they can be able to continue that lifestyle. To help, you may consider asking yourself questions such as, “are you willing to lie for your child?” and “are you willing to sacrifice your needs for your child’s wants?”

You must be fully aware to not become an enabler which is a result from weak boundaries which may lead to you making excuses for your child setbacks, blaming yourself etc. Strong boundaries can create tension between you and your child, however it will make it clear to them what can and can’t be tolerated.  

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Practice self-care

This whole process is going to be physically and emotionally draining on you which is why it’s important to make sure you are looking after your health.  Struggling to do so whilst treating your child can lead to several health conditions such as depression, anxiety, arthritis and more. There are ways you can help yourself such as joining a sober living support group, practicing relaxation skills, breathing exercises, practicing yoga etc.

Getting Help

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