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Our residential rehabilitation center in North Countyis the perfect way to begin your recovery experience
in the most relaxing, therapeutic and enjoyable way possible. With the amazing work our AA team
provide, we are sure you will not find a better place to be treated for your addiction. Our sole
purpose is to provide a program to target addictions for drugs, alcohol, medication and more
whilst including plenty of support along the way – all to help you start your sober living in North County.


What to consider when looking at treatment centers in North County?

  • Average age of current residents
  • Average sober time of the residents
  • Daily schedule/timetable for sober living
  • Number of individuals involved in recovery North County
  • Success Rates
  • Facilities & activities in the local area

Drug treatment in North County

Here we specialize in rehabilitating drug addicts to prevent their constant need for drug use by treating the chronic disease through the 12-step program. These drugs can include any of the following:

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  • Crack
  • Cocaine
  • Heroin
  • Marijuana
  • Meth
  • Vicodin
  • Other substances

North County Alcohol Recovery Center

We also provide treatment for alcohol addiction where addicts can detoxify their body, practice new skills to avoid cravings and behaviors, use therapy to find the root cause of the alcohol addiction and why it happened, support groups, and medication to help cope with relaxing the body and mind.Alcohol rehabilitation usually takes between 30 days to six weeks however much of it depends on the individual and one of the hardest parts of recovery is to be able to be consistent with the work you make with us which is why here in North County you’ll have plenty of opportunities to meet others in the same position therefore able to help each other when in need.

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Prescription addiction treatment in North County

Another addiction that many people don’t consider which is just as serious is prescription addiction which is where medication has been used to treat infections and chronic pain anxiety etc but leads to the patient becoming highly addicted. A good example of this is opioids because of how highly addictive they become and when used without a prescription they can become very dangerous. It is difficult to explain the treatment for this addiction due to the fact it depends on the individual, such as what medication can be used on him/her and which type of therapy would be most effective against previous medication taken.

Some of these prescriptions can include:

  • Benzodiazepines
  • Barbiturates
  • Prescription pain medication
  • Other substances

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Why join our treatment center?

Here at Shoreline Sober Living we like to view the whole rehabilitation process broken down into 4 phases. Firstly, there is the intake, this is making sure the rehab center is suited to you and that if there are any concerns beforehand you should ask. We also highly rate our application process because here we prefer to give everyone a made to measure program that can help you reach your best. We
work on this whilst giving you a full tour of North County along with the local amenities and activities which are available here.

Then there is the Detoxification stage which is where all nasty toxins that were gained through the use of drugs and/ or alcohol are removed however this leads to the patients experiencing withdrawal symptoms which can include issues such as sweating, nausea, headaches, cramping, hallucinations, seizures and more which is why it is so important to be in a relaxed environment and
location such as North County.

Rehabilitation follows the detoxification phase which is where the recovering addict can really focus on their body mind and soul to help find out what triggered them in the first place to become an addict and a great way of doing this is to begin exercising through some of the local activities listed above.

Finally, there is the self-heal which is what comes once the program is complete as recovery is a life long process and finding friends and groups through us in a sober living North County is a great way bring long term success on your journey.

Not only do we provide state of the art facilities for you to begin your journey to sobriety, we are ranked the 5th best recovery location in the country. This is mainly due to the range of bars and clubs to socialize in for the newly sober. This makes it ideal for revering addicts to feel at home and comfortable with themselves when integrating themselves into this welcoming community.