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Sobriety Gift Ideas

Addiction Recovery Gift Ideas

We all love giving and receiving gifts and what better way to let someone who has been having a difficult time know that you care about them than by giving them a special gift.

Addiction recovery is a long and challenging process and could be an outlet for creative ideas such as gardening, pottery, candle making etc. There are many crafts and DIY kits available to enable someone to try out something new.

Personalized Gifts

Jewelry can be personally engraved with a significant date or an inspirational quote to remind the wearer of the commitment to sobriety and that they have the love and support of others who care about them. If you’re struggling for inspiration, take a look at our top inspirational addiction recovery quotes.

Other personalized gifts could include key-rings, mugs, bracelets and phone cases are available to buy with inspirational sayings such as, “Believe in Yourself”, “One step at a time”, “Everything will be okay”. If your friend or relative would find these helpful, but be aware that some recovering addicts may not want to share this part of their life publicly and want to retain their privacy.

Exercise Gifts

Whilst in recovery, many treatment center programs encourage maintaining a healthy physique alongside exploring new exercises such as yoga, cycling and running. If you are aware of any activities they part-take in, finding a relatable gift to their exercise of choice would be a meaningful and encouraging present. These gifts could include suitable sport clothing and work-out accessories such as exercise headphones, running shoes or a gym bag. In addition, gifts of essential oils may help to relieve stress and aid relaxation.



Novelist Gifts

Recovering addicts often find it useful to record thoughts and feelings in a journal. The process of documenting these experiences and emotions is also known as bibliotherapy. A personalized book could be ordered for them to document their recovery journey or a book relating to addiction is a thoughtful gift. If keeping their addiction private is of concern, novels and journals are a perfect gift idea.


Experiences are one of the most memorable gifts you can provide anyone, especially if they are recovering from addiction. If there are any local attractions that you can visit such as spa days, a trip to the zoo or participating in a tour. If budget is an issue, a day out spending time with your friend doesn’t have to be an expensive affair – go for a walk or invite them to go out to lunch. The most important factor to giving the gift of an experience is your time.


Helping others who are struggling with addiction by making a donation to charitable organisations is a thoughtful and positive gift. Depending on the relationship, you may be in a position to fund their addiction treatment or contribute towards their sessions.

An array of secure payment or donation options have now become available to many addiction centers including buying gift cards, speaking to the center to discuss payment subscriptions or contributing towards the patients insurance costs. By using these mediums to contribute towards the patients treatment will ensure no money is directly exchanged between the two parties involved and you can remain certain these funds have been put towards the intended treatment options.

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