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When looking at various sober living options, you may become overwhelmed with the amount of results returned from a quick online search. A lot is at stake when choosing a SLH and as a result, in-depth research should be done to ensure the facility you choose is the right one. There are common tell signs and factors that should always be looked at that when researching different treatment options.

Recommendations from an Accredited Source

Although it may not always be possible, speaking to someone you know that has first hand attended the facility is always the first avenue to explore. Asking them questions on their experience is vital to get a sense of whether it might fit in for you. Some common questions that you should ask are:

  • What was your experience like?
  • Did you find the facility and their program effective?
  • Would you recommend them to a friend or family?
  • Why would you recommend this facility?
  • What was the best factor about this facility?
  • What was the worst factor about this facility?
  • Is there any other information I may need to know as I’m interested in inquiring

Previous Resident Stories & Reviews

Outpatient facilities often have online profiles that contain reviews from previous residents. Whilst looking through these online profiles, things to consider are the reviews left by individuals. Each review usually consists of a description of their experience whilst at the facility either shown in a positive or negative light. A rating, usually out of 5, is usually associated with the written comments to give a good indication of their overall experience. It’s important to look for a top rated sober living home that contains a 5/5 star reputation.

Red Flags to Watch Out For

There are certain signs or red flags to look out for which raise concerns around the legitimacy and effectiveness of the SLH in question. Be vigilant and wary if you see any of the following signs:

  • Not keeping proper paperwork on patients
  • Poorly maintained facilities
  • No drug testing conducted
  • Claims of being free
  • No provisions for security purposes
  • No housing rules / enforcing the rules
  • No structured routines/programs
  • Untrained professionals
  • Allowing drugs, alcohol and contraband into the facility


Verified on Governing Bodies

Certain organizations are setup with the sole purpose to monitor and regulate the treatment facilities across the country. Ensuring that the facility you’re looking at is registered on such governing bodies is important as it supports the argument for their legitimacy. Shoreline Sober Living are proud to be in partnership with many governing bodies and sobriety networks including:

These types of organizations do amazing work and often have a website that contains more information about how they regulate and monitor these types of facilities. The websites of these governing bodies also usually contain a list of recommended facilities for specific areas that you may assist when looking for further information such as costs, availability and gender specific facilities.

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