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Withdrawal Symptoms

Frequently prescribed for relief from chronic pain, the risk of opioid addiction is always presented when taking drugs such as morphine and codine or synthetic opioids that mimic legitimate opioids such as Oxycontin, hydrocodone, fentanyl, and methadone. Many opioid addictions are the results of taking prescribed medications in stronger doses than recommended or for longer periods of time. Working by modifying opioids receptors in the brain, if taken too long, opioids can alter brain chemistry and cause physical and physiological dependence.

Withdrawal from opioid addiction should not be attempted without medical and guided support. Rehabilitation clinics offer medically supervised detox in a safe environment. We are able to monitor the patients health and when necessary, help deal with withdrawal symptoms.

The severity of withdrawal symptoms, depends on a number of factors including the person, drugs used, length of previous addiction, which type of addiction, general health and well-being and age.

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Morphine withdrawal symptoms can last anywhere from 72 hours up to 10 days. Symptoms include sickness, cramps, diarrhea, anxiety, agitation, depression and drug cravings. The brain has become used to having the substance in the system and so overcompensates for a chemical that is no longer there. The longer a person has used the substance, generally the longer the period of adjustment takes and the body reactions may be more severe.

With a high percentage for relapse, comprehensive treatment during withdrawal will aid a full recovery.

Before commencing a detox program, the patient is evaluated physically and physiologically by a medically certified profession in order to decide how to proceed. Early withdrawal symptoms can begin to occur within 6 to 12 hours. If an alternative medication is used, it may be up to 30 hours for withdrawal symptoms to commence. Withdrawal symptoms gradually increase in intensity until about the third or forth day. Patients may experience severe nausea, vomiting and drug cravings. These may continue for several weeks. In the case of a gradual withdrawal, then the detox will take longer but may be deemed safer for the patients mental and physical well-being.