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Addiction to drugs (or alcohol) can have a wide reaching negative effect on family members friends and workplace relationships. A partner may find themselves concerned about changes in the behavior of a person that is addicted and that addiction is becoming the most important thing in their life.

Marriages and relationships are frequently under great strain due to financial hardship and distress. If children are involved, it is distressing for them to see a parent who is an addict craving their next fix.

A young person in education may find it hard to resist peer pressure to try alcohol or drugs and addiction happens quicker in a young person than in an adult because their brains are still developing. Parents may notice erratic behavior, poor motivation and concentration, unexplained absences from school or long periods spent on their own in their room.

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Then in the workplace, the employee concerned may display unacceptable standards of appearance and behavior. It may result in the loss of employment, with the consequence loss of income. In many work situations, drinking (and drug taking) is part of a culture including entertaining clients and/or after-work drinks.

Depending on the type and amount of substance use, addiction will affect a person’s behavior and personality. They may become arrogant and uncaring or secretive. They may lack trust in others, become restless or withdraw from friends or family. If left untreated, the effect of drug or alcohol addiction damages every aspect of the addict’s life – physical, mental and emotional well-being.