Shoreline Sober Living, San Diego, CA

Frequently Asked Questions

What are sober living homes?
Sober living homes are safe, structured environments for individuals in recovery for drugs or alcohol.
Are sober living homes effective?
Every part of a sober living home is structured around their effectiveness in treating a resident; from the location it resides in to the type of treatment offer throughout the duration of a residents stay. Sober living homes see a 50% increase in residents staying sober once leaving.
Are sober living homes safe?
Structured sober living environments are one of the most safest environments to be in when recovering from addiction. The level of support provided to residents alongside a stable community and network built around sobriety means nowhere could be safer.
Can sober living homes kick you out?
If you have breached any rules or regulations set by your sober living provider, then the company does have the right to, at their discretion, discharge you from their facility effective immediately.
Will insurance cover the cost of my sober living?
It depends on what type of insurance cover you have. Different policies, by different providers contain certain levels of care. For more information and to clarify your insurance covers the cost of your sober living, speak to our experts today.
Can you bring pets in to sober living facilities?
There are options available for sober living homes that allow you to have pets inside the establishment. If you are ever unsure of whether the sober living facility allows this, please check with their staff prior to becoming a resident.
What is the day to day routine at sober living facilities?
Daily routines vary from different sober living facilities, however to see a rough outline of how your schedule will laid out, please refer to our program page that explains what your daily schedule and program entails.
What will I learn at a sober living house?
Each sober living house has their own teaching techniques but these are likely to teach you about sobriety, how to efficiently tackle your addiction whilst also consisting of teaching valuable life long lessons.
Is there a minimum stay?
Shoreline Sober Living offers a minimum 90 day stay program as scientific studies have proven a lengthier stay increases a residents chances of sobriety, alongside providing a sufficient length of time to reenter society once again.
Does location matter for a sober living home?
Absolutely! A sober living home needs to be in a calming and relaxing environment. Being local to the beach and nearby mountains also provides a wealth of sober-free activities that residents can part-take in.