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Drinking while working from home

Working from home for many of us has undoubtedly become the new normal due to the effect of the Covid-19 pandemic. Thousands of us have turned our homes into makeshift work offices with the likelihood of working from home and staying within the lines between working and our outside lives have the potential to become pretty blurred. Whilst certain perks come with working from home, one of these included drinking after work hours with the strong potential of drinking during work hours.

1 in 3 Americans is more likely to drink alcohol while working from home. If you are a remote worker and want to reach for alcoholic beverages during work hours, you may suffer from or develop an alcohol addiction.

Impact of drinking during work hours at home

If you have found yourself drinking whilst on the job at home, you may want to consider the impact of this negative pattern on your overall behavior and performance at work.

Individuals begin drinking at home and quickly forget that they are meant to be at work due to the home comforts. This will quickly lead to individuals not being able to act in the professional manner they once did, ultimately leading to leaders in the team noticing. Individuals may find themselves:

  • Falling asleep during work
  • Feeling drowsy or not making it to the end of the working hours
  • Missing emails, important notifications, and phone calls
  • Inability to solely focus on high responsibilities and tasks
  • Slurring speech to the point that it becomes noticeable during the video and phone calls
  • The inability to remember the essential tasks throughout the day
  • Showing up late to online meetings
  • Physically appearing drunk or hungover when on video calls

Repeated patterns of this inappropriate behavior whilst in the workhouse not only could end up costing you your job but further your mental and physical health. Alcoholism is a severe chronic disease that is hard to beat; if you constantly reach for glass during the day, we advise you to seek medical help immediately.

Create a daily routine

One of the main issues with working from home is turning a part of your home into a workable office space. A range of medical experts has said that under no circumstance should anyone be making a workstation in their bedroom. Individuals need to treat the home like they would the office; going downstairs to the table to work is the best way to go about working from home. This way, the brain can distinguish between work time and off time.

Starting your day the way you would if you were in the office is the best way to work from home and keep a positive mindset and routine. Furthermore, write down everything you need to complete in the day to ensure you do not get distracted or fall behind.

Creating a regular routine that helps you stay in the correct frame of mind for your work is the best way to ensure that you do not begin slipping into bad habits.


One of the best ways to keep a positive mindset is exercising. This type of activity does not have to be anything crazy; going for a walk and breathing in some fresh air for 20 minutes will do wonders for your mental and overall physical well-being.

Turn off your TV

It is so easy to get distracted when you are working from home; putting on the TV to watch your favorite show for some background noise doesn’t seem like it would do much harm. However, medical professionals have stated that productivity rates significantly drop if the TV is on; instead, try listening to an educational podcast or calming music to help stimulate the brain and keep it within the work mindset.

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