Shoreline Sober Living, San Diego, CA

At the time of this serious global flu pandemic, we know how difficult it is to stay positive. There are many wonderful stories circulating of people making contact with past friends and family members they thought they had lost touch with. Volunteers are generously giving their time and support and helplines are available.

Doctors, nurses and carers are being absolute heroes in our hospitals throughout the nation. By following the guidelines for social behavior and thorough hand-washing, we can do our bit to keep ourselves safe. These behavioral changes could occur in any of the following:

    • Social distancing
    • Catching a cough

If you are self-isolating, remember to look after yourself, both physically and mentally. Hobbies, indoor past times – all those lovely books you were going to read and movies you wanted to watch. Financially we know that this will be a difficult time for many businesses and individuals.

Updated with the latest business news and legislation being passed by the senate (emergency legislate).

Here are Shoreline we take every precaution to ensure we maintain our outstanding hygienic routines and have introduced further measures to ensure our residents and dedicated staff are safe during these unprecedented times.