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California Consortium of Addiction Programs and Professionals

The CCAPP is an acronym which stands for California Consortium of Addiction Programs and Professionals, an organization that provides a wealth of knowledge, certifications and recommendations within the substance abuse industry. The CCAPP is an essential asset for anyone wanting to become a substance abuse counselor or residence in the state of California.

CCAPP Certification for Individuals

The CCAPP is one of the most recognized certifications in rehab and sober living facilities, specifically for the location of California. The CCAPP certificate can only be attained by attending and passing a course from an approved school. A list of CCAPP approved schools can be found on their website and contains both web-based programs as well as standard in-house programs to attend. Upon completing the course as an individual, you will receive a certificate and a record of your accreditation will be recorded inside the CCAPP database.

The California Consortium certification expires after a five year period but can be renewed at an early stage if desired. Your CCAPP certification can be applied to your medical facility and upon request can also be transferred to a new facility as long as you have registered or been certified with Breining before the 8/28/2014.

CCAPP Certification for Residences

Alongside offering certifications for individuals, the California Consortium of Addiction Programs and Professionals also offers certifications and verifies residences throughout California to identify their legitimacy. The CCAPP Certified Recovery Residence certificate is a must have for all trusted and accredited facilities treating drug and alcohol abuse in California.


Example of CCAPP Certificate for a Recovery Residence

Example of CCAPP Certificate for a Recovery Residence

The certification for approved CCAPP Recovery Residences comes in the form of a PDF document that can be printed and framed within your vicinity as well as the CCAPP logo being used as symbol of trust for potential clients visiting your facility.

Verify a CCAPP Certification

You can verify an individual’s CCAPP certification by visiting the CCAPP verification page and searching the extended database list by their name. Results returned from the search queries also contain details around whether the certification is still valid or has expired, therefore be sure to check the Expiration Status is still valid, stated as “Not Expired”. Verifying the CCAPP accreditation of a facility, rather than an individual, can also be carried out by searching through the CCAPP provider search listings. The functionalities exists by searching for a facility by either:

  • Facility Name
  • Searching via filters including:
    • CCAPP
    • CCAPP Schools
    • Recovery Residences (Sober Living)
    • Treatment Center
    • Medicaid
    • Under 18
    • Addiction and Substance Use Disorder (SUD) Services
    • 65+Mental Health Services
    • Recovery Organizations (RO)
  • Geographic location including a radius from 5-50 miles

Choosing CCAPP

Although there are alternative accreditations or qualifications available throughout the substance abuse industry, the CCAPP program stands out as being highly desirable. CCAPP stands out among the recovery space as it offers a range of benefits including:

  • CCAPP Weekly notifications of treatment articles, job listings and other activities
  • Help and assistance with Addiction Treatment Programs
  • Latest legislation changes
  • A great community
  • Enjoy discounts on various products including dual partnership discounts being a registered member of BHAP
  • Website directory listings
  • Verified membership program
  • and many more!

If you are looking to register an approved CCAPP sober living residency, the application process begins with completing the registration application form, followed by a follow up from a CCAPP staff member. At Shoreline Sober Living, we are fully registered and certified under the CCAPP program alongside having a multitude of other accreditations, qualifications and certifications.

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